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Smiling Again Solution to Advanced Dental Problems

What is Smiling Again?                                                                                                                             crawford_david_b4after

  • At Smiling Again we are dedicated to helping people find common sense solutions to more advanced dental problems. For numerous reasons, the health of a person’s mouth can slip away to the point where they need help beyond what routine, check-up and cleaning dentistry is meant to provide.
  • We’ve designed our practice to provide multiple services to people under one roof, so you won’t be sent to several different offices to get the treatment you need. People with significant oral health issues are best served by a doctor who has experience and training in providing more complex dental care.  Dr. Johnson has focused his training and professional life on helping people solve advanced dental problems and achieve beautiful lasting results.





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Are You Exhausted with Dental Problems and Tired of Teeth That Don’t Work?

  • Dental disease can creep up on you. It’s a progressive problem that only gets worse without proper treatment. Especially if you’ve had bad experiences in the past, or just fear dental work, it’s easy to put off needed care. A little dental disease leads to a little more and this cycle can create a downward spiral that begins to seriously impact your comfort, confidence, self-esteem, and your health. You may find yourself covering your smile, avoiding social interactions or not enjoying the food you love because of the condition of your teeth. Dental disease can drain your energy and make you look and feel years older than you are.

 Chari H. | actual patient


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What the SmilingAgain process can do for you…

  • Eliminate dental infections which slowly and silently affect your health and drain your energy
  • Help you regain confidence in your smile and Energize your life
  • Properly eat, chew and enjoy the foods you love and at the same time, improve digestion
  • Create a healthier more youthful appearance
  • Gain control of your dental health once and for all

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Have Past Bad Experiences and Fear of Dental Work Kept You Away?

Listen to Betty’s story about how Dr. Johnson helped her.